Garden Clogs and Gardening Shoes by Jollys are for anyone working in the garden, around the house, or in the garage.  Jollys garden clogs are great easy-on, easy off house shoes too.  Gardening shoes are invaluable during the early spring, the mud just rinses off.  Jollys garden clogs are convenient and totally comfortable for both men's garden clogs and women's gardening shoes.  Garden clogs offer the durability of work boots with the ease of slippers.

Shoes have a closed heel and are offered in both styles, Fashion and Classic for Men and Women. Clogs have an open heel and are offered to both Men and Women in Fashion, Classic, and now, Picture Clogs for Women.  Our new Picture Clogs (not shoes) are made in the Fashion style.

Jollys garden clogs have been the trendsetters among all-weather shoes for over 25 years! Jollys garden shoes are manufactured in Germany; made from 100% CFC-free Polyurethane Foam.  They are light, flexible, waterproof, and nearly indestructible

  • Three Garden Clog patterns to choose from:
    Classic, Fashion, and now NEW! Picture Clogs. 
  • Two Garden shoe styles to choose from:
    Classic and Fashion.
  • Traditional European styling imported from Germany.
  • Careful workmanship and durability.
  • Made of 100% CFC-free Polyurethane Foam.
  • Long-lasting good looks with brilliant colors!
  • Replaceable orthopedic insole of natural cork.
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And to make your outdoor and gardening tasks even more comfortable, check out Jollys gardening knee pads, the Anatomic Knee Cushion